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Are You Missing Out on Micheladas?

Amazing Growth in a Profitable Bar Drink…

If your bar drink menu doesn’t include a great Michelada, you are missing one of the most amazing profit opportunities in alcoholic beverages of the past four years.

According to foodservice data house, Datassentials, Micheladas have grown by 74% on bar drink menus over the past four years and are projected to grow another 28% by 2022. Michelada’s are a Mexican beer-based cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary. Though recipes vary widely, typical ingredients include light beer, lime juice, tomato juice, and spices.

Legendary in Mexico as a “hair of the dog” recovery from a heavy night of drinking, the growth of Mexican beers (such as Modelo, Dos Equis and Tecate) are driving the growth and interest into the exploration of other Mexican cocktails such as Bloody Maria’s (tomato juice and tequila).

Micheladas are most frequently menued by fast casual operators which is a indicator that casual, fine dining, sport bars and taverns will adopt this increasingly popular drink.

Additionally, Micheladas, Bloody Marias and Bloody Marys offer operators another opportunity to upsell their beverages by including appetizers that they already have on their menus on top of these drinks. Upselling bar drinks is considered one of the key strategies for driving profitability in the face of increased reliance by consumers who favor delivery and take-out.

If you are a casual, fine dining or sports bar operator, set your bar menu apart in 2019 by adding a Michelada or Bloody Maria to your menu to capture the growth of an ethnic cocktail American consumers are discovering and enjoying!