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Drinking to Your Health? Sacramento® Bloody Mary Mix Is a Great Choice


Sacramento’s new Bloody Mary Mix comes to the restaurant and liquor store segments amidst debate over which cocktail offers the best health benefits. Numerous posts on popular websites appear to all lean toward the bloody mary.

Legend says the bloody mary was first created to solve a hangover, but a look at the ingredients of a great bloody mary has some other healthful qualities. Its main ingredient is tomato juice. According to Livestrong, tomato juice offers more important antioxidant lycopene than a raw tomato as more is released during the cooking process. It’s a potent source of vitamins and minerals to help your immune system prevent and fight several diseases.

Just one glass of tomato juice delivers 74 percent daily value for vitamin C and 22 percent for vitamin A, both vitamins that help your eyesight. Other key vitamins include folate, vitamins E, K and B vitamins including thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and B-6.

Compare a bloody mary for a boozy brunch to its biggest competitor, the mimosa. Bloody marys have less sugar. Like alcohol, sugar causes dehydration and is processed through the liver. Sugary drinks also lead to a rapid spike in blood sugar, which can eventually cause a headache and a hangover. The argument for bloody marys wins again.

While doctors can proclaim the benefits of tomato juice, Sacramento® Bloody Mary Mix is here to claim the best in flavor. The brand reformulated its new mix by asking top bartenders to compare it to their current bloody mary mix favorite. After a few tweaks, Sacramento landed on a perfect mix of rich tomato flavor accompanied by robust black pepper, horseradish, celery and other savory notes. Product is mildly sweet, with moderate heat thanks to a little jalapeno puree.

Offered in a beautiful 32 oz. glass bottle any bartender or home mixologist would be proud to display, Sacramento Bloody Mary Mix is offering free samples to try for yourself.