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3 Ways Red Gold® Ketchup Is Right for Game Day This Fall


Cups. Bottles. Packets. Red Gold Has The Right Ketchup.

Red Gold® was the ketchup brand that stood by operators during the pandemic. While other brands allocated their stock to only the biggest chains, Red Gold employees worked day and night for nearly a year during the height of the pandemic to assure that restaurants had the ketchup packets, cups and bottles they needed to serve their customers. 

As you get ready for the big games of the fall, there are three other reasons that Red Gold is right for you. 


dip-cup1. A 1 oz. Dip Cup That’s Right for Any Mission. Your business is back because you were quick to pivot your business to a takeout and delivery model that won’t go away. That meant including multiple ketchup packets going into the takeout and tailgate orders for burgers, fried chicken, fries and more; Or you can spend time filling plastic ramekins that are prone to leaks or seeing staff stuff handfuls of packets into every order. Whether your next order is for the road, a catering delivery or for a tailgate, Red Gold’s 1 oz. dip cup is the perfect solution.


tabletop-condiments 2. Tabletop Condiments Are Back. Red Gold has seen a significant increase in operators making the great tabletop reset by switching to its distinctive 20 oz. plastic squeeze bottle to adorn their tables. From independent operators to national chains, there’s no better ketchup to signal a new attitude toward Red Gold… the ketchup you can count on.


3. Red Gold Is a Ketchup With A Cause. When operators embraced Red Gold’s support of military families of fallen heroes through Folds of Honor, something special happened. Restaurant customer told operators who offered Red Gold’s Folds of Honor Ketchup that they appreciated their support. Second, donations by Red Gold to Folds of Honor families increased. A portion of the proceeds from every ketchup packet, 1 oz. cup or bottle of ketchup sold to an operator goes to a donation to Folds of Honor. They provide educational scholarships to the spouses and children of our fallen heroes.

Front-of-house, or back-of-house ketchup is a specialty of Red Gold’s product offering. In today’s environment, that’s important. Restaurant operators who are still in business were smart during the last few years. They also discovered the importance of having the right package for the ketchup so essential to customer expectations and loyalty.

If you still need convincing that Red Gold has the right ketchup for you, we’ll let you taste it for free