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Time to Switch to Pouches From #10s? We’ve Got You Covered.

Are you thinking about transitioning from tried and true #10 cans to flexible pouches? Each has its pros and cons. Here’s a quick check list to help you arrive at the best option for you.

 Shelf Life  If you are running through multiple cases of #10 cans quickly without maintaining a larger inventory, the longer shelf life of a #10 doesn’t matter. No matter what a manufacturer tells you, pouch sauces may be safe to serve for up to two years, but the color of sauces in a pouch will begin to fade long before the product will, due to interior lighting or sunlight. Store pouches in a dark space. Overall, #10 cans win. 
 Storage  Pouches win when storage space is limited, especially when vertical space is at a premium.
 Sustainability  #10 Cans win on the question of sustainability. Cans are recyclable and pouches aren’t. Both offer corrugated packaging that is recyclable.
 Waste  If you don’t recycle your cans or corrugated, pouches win with less waste going to landfills compared to #10s.
 The Last Drop  No matter how you instruct your staff, you throw away less sauce when you use #10 cans. No matter how you squeeze those pouches, you’ll likely toss some ounces.
 Price  Consumer pantry loading of canned foods during the pandemic caught can manufacturers flat footed. The good news is that the supply chain is beginning to catch up, but for now pouches are a better buy per ounce.

Whether you opt for pouches or #10s, Red Gold® and Redpack® have you covered. We offer 6/105 oz. pouches of both prepared marinara sauce and spaghetti sauce under our Redpack brand, as well as a broad variety of Red Gold and Redpack products in #10 cans. No matter your choice, the same great-tasting sauce awaits your menu that are so good, you can literally heat and serve these wonderful labor-savers. 

Want to try one of our pouches or #10 can products. We’re happy to send you a free sample.