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5 Reasons Red Gold’s New Plant-Based Sauces Should Be on Your Menu

artichoke pizza

You may know that Red Gold® has been making the world’s freshest, best-tasting tomato products for 80 years. But did you know we’re also an innovator in plant-based foods?

As the first manufacturer to go to market with plant-based protein pasta sauces that are easy to serve, versatile, and delicious, we’re giving our partners more options than ever for putting classic Red Gold flavor on every plate.

Our two new plant-based protein sauces are made with pea protein that’s smoothly blended with tomatoes, herbs, spices, and extra virgin olive oil to give the sauces the same savory flavor as their meat-based counterparts. They even contain as much or more protein – our Italian Sausage Style Sauce has 6 grams of protein, and our Bolognese Style Sauce has 10 grams!

Just in case you need more convincing to add Red Gold’s plant-based sauces to your menu, here are 5 solid reasons:

  1. While plant-based foods have grown on menus by 1,800% over the past four years*, that doesn’t mean it’s a passing fad. Flexitarians (or semi-vegetarians) “represent the largest growth opportunity for plant-based foods.” That means restaurant operations have an expanding pool of customers to consider when offering these types of food – not just a small group of strict vegetarians. And 69% of flexitarians eat meatless meals once a week or more!**

  2. Using Red Gold certified plant-based protein sauces is more affordable than making them from scratch. Not only do operators save money on labor costs by using our heat-and-serve Italian Sausage and Bolognese style plant-based pasta sauces, but they also save time and increase their speed of service.

  3. Like our other tomato and sauce products, our new plant-based protein sauces are incredibly versatile. They’re great on pasta, of course, but they can also be used in casseroles, pizza, sloppy joes, soup, and even omelets! There’s no end to the creativity our plant-based protein sauces can inspire in your kitchen.

eggplant parm
One menu example is an Eggplant Parmesan Burger. This is a classic with a serious update. You can find this recipe at

  1. Operators are set up for success when serving plant-based protein sauces because nearly twice as many consumers say they would try plant-based foods if they’re combined with a familiar and natural vegetable*, like our prepared tomato sauces! In fact, our plant-based protein sauces are ideal because 60% of consumers say they prefer plant-based foods that showcase the fruit or vegetable instead of mimicking another food.*

  2. The taste is amazing! Our plant-based protein sauces feature the naturally grown flavor of real vine-ripened tomatoes, plus an excellent meaty texture and mouth-feel. Our Italian Sausage and Bolognese style plant-based sauces will ensure that all customers – not just the vegetarians – are satisfied.

Stay tuned – our R&D department is continuing to develop additional plant-based products! Get recipes and a free sample