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All Your Key Sauce Dunk Cup Needs. ALL From Red Gold®.

When Dunk Cups for your condiments are what you need, it makes sense to pick one supplier. Less hassle, quality ingredients, fewer leaks and greater reliability are all good reasons for choosing Red Gold. Here’s a quick guide on when Dunk Cups are useful and the line you can choose from by Red Gold, a family-owned and operated company that is the largest privately owned tomato company in the world.

When Are Dunk Cups the Right Choice?

For orders at drive thru, takeout, delivery and catering activations, Dunk Cups make a lot of sense. A 1 oz. Dunk Cup equals four 7-gram packets. Thus, a single Dunk Cup represents a savings compared to a costly handful of packets thrown into an order. Additionally, customers appreciate the cleanliness of dipping from a factory sealed cup instead of squeeze packets onto the side of their order bag.


Customers appreciate dunk cups over the mess and potential contamination of squeezing packet onto their order bag.

Family meal deals, tailgate specials, and office catering orders all call for Dunk Cups that make sense in efficiency, cost savings, and your brand’s impressions on big-order customers.

What PC Condiments Can I Choose from Red Gold?

There are four delicious choices of 1 oz. Dunk Cups in Red Gold’s PC family. Look at possible applications where these products make sense for you.


Red Gold Folds of Honor 1 oz. Ketchup Dunk Cup –

If your brand sees value in aligning with a social cause that benefits families of fallen heroes, this is a great opportunity to show your support. The Folds of Honor charity provides about 4,500 education scholarships to families of deceased or disabled police, firefighters, EMTs and military each year. Red Gold shows its support by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of its Folds of Honor line to the charity. Thus, every Folds of Honor Dunk Cup, 7-gram packet, 9-gram packet, 14 oz. or 20 oz. plastic squeeze bottle, and 13 oz. squeeze bottle of Red Gold Yellow Mustard you purchase, your restaurant will be donating to the cause. Red Gold can provide to you at no charge, table tents and door clings that highlight your support to your customers when they visit.

Why Buy?

While 40% of all military personnel grew up in the South, members of the military, retirees and former military live nationwide. There are 18 million active duty and military veterans who will love this ketchup. There are hundreds and thousands of law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs in every county. Support of these heroes and their families is something that a huge majority of Americans support. Folds Of Honor will be recognized and appreciated by your customers.


NEW Red Gold BBQ Sauce 1oz. Dunk Cup –

According to Datassential, 59% of all restaurant menus include at least one menu item that has BBQ sauce. It’s ubiquitous across nearly every segment of foodservice nationwide. What’s important for Red Gold’s new BBQ sauce dunk cup? It’s a delicious Kansas City-Style BBQ sauce with zero high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


BBQ is ubiquitous across segments and the nation. If you haven’t looked at adding a BBQ item on your menu lately, think about it.

Why Buy?

Made with natural sugar instead, this BBQ sauce eliminates HFCS concerns by some customers. It’s a great alternative to typically filling and sealing plastic ramekins for drive thru, takeout, or delivery and catering orders, saving time and labor.


Red Gold Marinara Sauce, 1oz. Dunk Cup

Made with natural sugar, Red Gold’s Marinara Sauce is a delicious option in a 1 oz. dunk cup is the perfect alternative to labor intensive plastic ramekins for drive thru, takeout, or catering applications.

Why Buy?

Add value to your mozzarella cheese sticks, pizza, chicken tenders, boneless wings, and tots. Spend time serving your customers and making great food and less time filling plastic ramekins.


Red Gold Seafood Cocktail Sauce, 1oz. Dunk Cup –

Did you know that fried shrimp is on 25% of America’s menus? Shrimp Cocktail is on nearly 10%*. Whether you are one of the Midwest’s famous “fish camps’ or a coastal seafood restaurant, Red Gold is one of only a handful offering both a 1 oz. seafood cocktail sauce and a #10 can for back of house.

Why Buy?

Red Gold offers a premium seafood cocktail sauce made with fresh horseradish for a bold, tangy flavor everyone will enjoy. If your menu offers shrimp or seafood, this shelf stable 1 oz. cup is perfect for any order and especially for takeout or catering applications.

Red Gold is happy to serve your 1 oz. dunk cup needs with quality products that will save you time and money. If you would like to try any of our portion control products, simply request your free sample.

*Datassential, June 2023