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Isn’t It Time To Elevate Your Bloody Mary At The Bar?

A perfect Bloody Mary is easy, quick, and consistent with Sacramento® Bloody Mary Mix.

America’s bar goers have re-discovered the Bloody Mary. According to Datassential, Bloody Marys on U.S. bar menus have increased nearly 5% in just the past year. Bloody Maria’s (tequila instead of vodka) are up nearly 10% Michelada’s (beer) are up 11% in the same period and 28% in the last four years.

bloody mary closeup
Sacramento® Tomato Juice is the gold standard for scratch-made Bloody Marys.

From Sunday brunches, corporate and private parties, to New Year’s Day, a classic Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria or Michelada needs to be consistently superb. That’s why so many fine dining and steak house bartenders count on Sacramento® Tomato Juice as the basic building block to these drinks made from scratch. It’s deep, rich color and viscosity stands up well to ice and booze without losing flavor.

Perfection pour after pour means consistently great Bloody Mary’s, Bloody Maria’s and Micheladas.

Yet, peak dayparts can mean less trained bartenders can struggle in consistently building a perfect Bloody Mary. Likewise, scratch-made Bloody Mary’s, Bloody Maria’s, and Micheladas can slow down bar service leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. That’s why Red Gold, the makers of Sacramento® Tomato Juice went to extra research to create its new Sacramento Bloody Mary Mix.

Querying top bartenders on its formula, the resulting mix exceeded expectations. With a perfect blend of tomato juice, visual particulate spices and seasonings, the mix holds up well after ice and liquor has been added.  Now, with simple pours of the mix and liquor, all that is needed is your customized toppings on a skewer, and you have perfection—speeding service and assuring consistency.

“Other brands either have someone else make their bloody Mary mix, or it’s a sideshow to their core products,” says David Halt, Red Gold’s Senior Director of Business Development-Foodservice. “At Red Gold, tomatoes are all that we do, so our Sacramento products are important to us. That’s why no brand can match our quality or flavor.”

Find out why more and more bar managers are making the switch from their old tomato juice and Bloody Mary mix to Sacramento®. Now, before the end of 2023, Sacramento is offering a rebate of $5 per case on its new bloody Mary mix up to $100. Save now while elevating a variety of your cocktails. Test it for yourself. Red Gold will be happy to provide samples.