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The Resurgence of Bloody Marys and Marias. Why They Are Back & Better Than Ever.

Sacramento® Tomato Juice holds best when mixed with liquor and ice.

Classic cocktails are in the midst of a resurgence on restaurant menus. Part nostalgia and part the quest for elegance, cocktails that your parents enjoyed are now being embraced by every demographic above drinking age. Case in point, the Bloody Mary.

A quick look at the most menued vodka-based cocktails and it’s easy to realize why every restaurant operator should pay attention to the quality of their Bloody Marys and Marias (tequila).

According to Datassential, Bloody Marys are second only to martinis in bar menued vodka-based drinks.

An overhaul of this time-honored cocktail begins at its base, tomato juice. Sacramento® Tomato Juice is the gold standard for some of the most noteworthy steakhouses and trend-forward restaurants. Behind their trust and loyalty is a formula of silky flavor that is timeless. Here are three reasons why those who are just now discovering Sacramento Tomato Juice as their base are destined for additional sales this year.

  1. Versatility and Customization – A key reason for the comeback of Bloody Marys is the versatility from one jug or can of Sacramento. Bloody Marys and Marias are obvious, but micheladas (beer) are up 23%* on menus in the past four years and others are emerging, such as tomato martinis and tomato spritz.
  2. Culinary Evolution – Much like foods, cocktails are driven by experimentation with globally influenced flavors. Sacramento Tomato Juice fits the bill as either All-American, or global with its bolder and more savory flavor compared to sweet or fruit juices. From a Caribbean Bloody Mary (add lemon juice, white pepper, and a pinch of sugar) to a Red Snapper with the flavor of gin of Holland (claimed by Britain, originated by Italian monks, and marketed first by Holland).
  3. Instagram-Worthy – In the age of social media, the visual appeal of food and drinks plays a special role in driving traffic. A well-crafted signature Bloody Mary or Maria must take a leading role in marketing a brunch alongside chicken and waffles. Along with your top bourbons and martinis, a great image of your signature Bloody Mary complete with profit-packed garnishes rounds out a drink menu for those in search of adventure on social.


Sacramento. A Brand Apart.

What sets Sacramento Tomato Juice apart is its rich flavor. Known for its deep, rich flavor which forms a perfect base for the complex spice blends of signature Bloody Marys and Marias. The consistency of Sacramento over the decades means consistency that can be handed down to multiple locations with your own simple recipe for your cocktails. Made with the finest tomatoes, packed inside every container of Sacramento Tomato Juice, it is the best for holding its flavor when mixed with liquors and ice, even 20 minutes into enjoying everything that is great about the “bloody” experience.

From single-serve cans to 46 oz. cans and resealable plastic jugs, with Sacramento Tomato Juice, you’ll serve the gold standard.

Other brands don’t cut it when it comes to the purists among great bartenders who will settle for nothing less than Sacramento. If you would like to try Sacramento Tomato Juice for your new year’s overhaul, simply request a free sample and you will join other great restaurants in the resurgence of bloodys across America.