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Making Menus Deliciously Easy with The Best Tasting Tomatoes

Pot of cooked tomato sauce with spoon showing thickness
Making great tasting pastas and pizzas just got easier with Red Gold’s line of fully prepared sauces.

It’s as much about flavor as it is in labor-saving consistency when you count on Red Gold®. The world’s leading privately-owned and operated tomato company in the world offers three outstanding brands of fully prepared sauces.

3 cans of Red Gold tomato products for foodservice: RedPack Pizza sauce, Red Gold Pizza Sauce, Tuttorossa Pizza Sauce.
Redpack® is a Northeast favorite while Red Gold® is universally loved. Tuttorosso® is our premium pizza sauce made from fresh tomatoes.

When it comes to pizza sauces, why start from scratch? Red Gold® Pizza Sauce is thick and loaded with bits of basil for flavor. Redpack® Pizza Sauce is another extraordinary choice especially for operators in the Northeast where the brand is known and loved by consumers. For a premium pizza sauce, its Tuttorosso® made from fresh tomatoes. Whether its straight from the can or with just a pinch of an ingredient to call it your own, our prepared sauces never disappoint.

Bag of Red Gold marinara for foodservice on a box beside a can of Red Gold and Tuttorosso Marinara sauce
When it comes to marinara sauce, Red Gold has you covered with the two brands, with Red Gold Marinara Sauce available in 105 oz. pouches, 4 per case for efficient storage.

Red Gold’s line of marinara sauces is extremely versatile for everything from pastas for dipping bread sticks and chicken nuggets. Some operators prefer Red Gold’s 105 oz. pouches saving space in their pantries. All offer a deep-red and rich tomato color along with a blend of spices, garlic, and onion flavor.

Bag of Red Gold spaghetti sauce for foodservice beside two cans of Red Gold spaghetti sauce.
Whether it’s Redpack Spaghetti Sauce in a 105 oz. pouch or two flavors of Red Gold Spaghetti Sauce, the flavor of authentic hand-crafted goodness comes through on your plate every time.

Choose from Redpack Spaghetti Sauce in a pouch or two flavors of Red Gold Spaghetti Sauce in a can. Red Gold’s Deluxe Spaghetti sauce has extra oil to make your sauce shine when applied with the mouth-watering aroma every customer loves. Red Gold Sweet Spaghetti Sauce adds a pinch more natural sugar.

Fully prepared sauces assure consistency while saving time and labor in your kitchen to speed service. Ideal for any menu, when you choose Red Gold’s line of fully prepared sauces you have the assurance of quality and consistent supply. If you would like to sample any of Red Gold’s fully prepared sauces, simply request them now and we will ship them to you for testing.

Making the switch to Tuttorosso is easy and will elevate your menu. In fact, we are so convinced that we are happy to offer you a free sample of our products so that you can taste the Tuttorosso difference. Order your free sample now. When you make the switch to Tuttorosso, save $5 per case up to $100. Access our special offer now.

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